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Meet Federico Tomasi

The artist Federico Tomasi speaks to us on Art, Love, and Life

K.D.You have been based in Bali the last seven years. What is your background?

F.T.I was born in Stockholm in 1974. My family moved to Italy when I was thirteen in 1987. I attended the International School of Art in Riccione, Italy. After Art School I never really thought about being an artist although painting has always been my passion. I went into the fashion industry in Milan. I worked in haute couture with the house of Lorenzo Riva. I worked the shows in Paris, Rome, and Pret a Porter in Milan.


I recently returned from a trip to Bali, where I had the pleasure of meeting painter Federico Tomasi in his Kuta studio. Colorful and emotionally charged, Tomasi and his paintings are emotive and full of life. His abstracted faces and bodies cover a range of emotions, both in their inspirations and in the reactions they draw out from viewers. Tomasi has lived all over the world, being born in Sweden, studying in Italy, and then moving to Bali where he now lives and works. While painting there, he was deeply inspired by the island affected by its history in a really unique way. – Ellen C.

Artsy abroad : on the artistic ledge with Federico Tomasi

In my series of guest posts for The Artsy Forager, I have been writing about my time in Bali during an arts residency earlier this year. I was introduced to painter Federico Tomasi by another artist Giovanni Lovisetto on a trip to Bali in 2012 and upon my return, I was lucky to revisit Tomasi’s studio and discuss his current works. As many of us in creative fields know, artistic inspiration is always something of a process. As artists, we are constantly pursuing new creative styles, mediums, subjects, narratives, and voices.

Top 3 emerging artists at affordable art fair in Singapore 2014

It is a combination of figurative painting with the abstract technique of action painting, that gives Federico’s work its unique character. Known for his “e)motion” exhibition in 2011, Federico Tomasi has already exhibited in Pescara - Italy, Bali - Indonesia, at the ZINC Gallery in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, at the Beirut Bloom Contemporary Art Fair at Artheum in Libanon and in Jakarta - Indonesia.

face and body

Face and body, bodies and faces. Since the beginning of fine art’s history, they have represented one of the favorite subjects for the artist. From bodies painted on the walls of ancient caves by our ancestors and faces of religious icons with no prospective at the end of the middle ages to Bodies and faces again on the battle field and portraits of a rich merchants in the XVII and XVIII century. Then came the few detailed bodies from the impressionist period and the square faces from cubism, Body and face again are always to be painted.