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chapter 13

A trip to New York in 2001 introduced Federico Tomasi to the work of Jackson Pollock. Action Painting has become an important influence in Tomasi’s art. His subjects are not the abstractions of Action Painting, but, rather, through his use of color and dynamic composition, Tomasi creates human figures which capture emotions and states-of-mind in a most vivid way. As the work ‘Chapter 1’ shows, this combination of figurative painting with the abstract techniques of Action Painting gives Tomasi’s work its unique character.

yellow line district

The Female Nude has long been one of the classic themes of Western Art. However, within this subject matter there are inherent elements of eroticism and voyeurism that have been rationalized in a variety of ways. In his book, ‘The Nude’, Kenneth Clark claimed that eroticism and voyeurism only existed in the naked state. In a state of nudity the image was free of this implication. The difference between ‘The Naked’ and ‘The Nude’, Clark suggested, was the transformation of the ‘Profane’ to the ‘Sacred’, by the creation of the ‘nude’ image by an artist.

Art in motion

A Bali-based, Swedish-Italian artist makes his Malaysian debut with a powerful display of moving emotions.

One look at the raw exuberance emanating from Federico Tomasi’s swirling canvases depicting emotion and you’d say for sure that this is a man who was born to become an artist. But the 36-year-old is not that presumptuous, and is quick to point out that, sometimes, your path in life is not clearly marked; it is a journey of discovery.