chapter 13

A trip to New York in 2001 introduced Federico Tomasi to the work of Jackson Pollock. Action Painting has become an important influence in Tomasi’s art. His subjects are not the abstractions of Action Painting, but, rather, through his use of color and dynamic composition, Tomasi creates human figures which capture emotions and states-of-mind in a most vivid way. As the work ‘Chapter 1’ shows, this combination of figurative painting with the abstract techniques of Action Painting gives Tomasi’s work its unique character. His images are refined, but the realization is made to seem casual, as a result of the ‘Action’ technique, and the way in which his pigments, landing upon the canvases, escape the full control of the painter. Tomasi enjoys the tension between abstraction and realism. He likes to play with the unconscious, and he also likes the fact that his works manage to surprise. As if his paintings acquire their own identities without any logical reason.

Written by: 
Dr. robyou