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Beirut Contemporary Art Fair 2014

I’m exhibiting at the contemporary art fair in Beirut from 21 of May until 31 of May , please come and have a look if you are around

singapore affordable art fair 2014

im exhibiting at the singapore affordable art fair , please come and visit to see my new paintings

Beirut Contemporary Art Fair 2013

I’m exhibiting at the Beirut Contemporary Art Fair from 16th of april until 27th , if anybody around please visit !!!!

"the yak" march issue

Federico Tomasi has the heart and soul of an artist compelled by the beautiful process of expression.

"the yak" march issue

Federico, Tomasi, paint the picture.

Born in Stockholm, age 37, lived in Sweden until I was 13 years old. My parents moved to Italy and that’s where I grew up, basically. I studied at the Institute of Art in Riccone, Italy, for five years.

On first meeting we guess most people think you’re Italian – your mannerisms, accent, speech?

Yeah, I feel more Italian than anything else.

Did you ever pick up a brush before going to art school?

No, it was probably my father, Mauro’s, influence.